Big Blue - The McMillin Racing Story Book

El Cajon, CA

Off-Roading is a team sport. Inevitably, that team becomes your family as you go through the trials and tribulations of the open desert. Under the high pressure environment of off-road racing, ones character is quickly unveiled. The late Corky Mcmillin understood this basic idea and started an affair with off-road racing that brought his family, friends, and acquaintances together, three generations strong. Fast forward 39 years, 40 race vehicles, 303 races, multiple championships, countless team members and volunteers later, The McMillin family has defined what family means in our sport.

His sons Mark and Scott went on to not only win races but multiple championships including a combined seven Baja 1000 overall wins. His grandsons, Andy, Dan, and Luke, have also become elite off-road racers. His granddaughter Jessica has climbed into multiple off road vehicles to challenge herself.

Now you can get a chronological account of the history of the McMillin family and their impact on the sport, culture, and people of off-road racing with this stunning 535 page full color hardbound book. Big Blue is a core sample of the history of off-road racing culture and a beautiful document of a family choosing to bring their themselves together via the war grounds of off-road racing.

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